Our 1978 (Chinese Version) Xiaosheng Liang



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Our 1978 (Chinese Version)  by  Xiaosheng Liang

Our 1978 (Chinese Version) by Xiaosheng Liang
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1978 is the most significant year in the Chinese recent history. Right in this year, China’s Communist Party and government declared to take Reform-and-Opening-Up to-the-Outside Policy, which ended up the chaos of whole Chinese political and economic life and has influenced the Chinese economy, common people’s life and the rest of the world in following years.Setting things right, emancipating the mind, reform and opening up, China and US releasing the Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations...

Even though during the 30 years after those events, China still had to face variables and hard choices, seeing the events happened in 1978 against the big background of Chinese history, we still have to admire the greatness and irresistibility of history. This book is the collective memory of the generation born in the 1970s. They have kept the real-to-life memory of the unspoken period of history.

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