Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception: Mystic Christianity Max Heindel

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Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception: Mystic Christianity  by  Max Heindel

Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception: Mystic Christianity by Max Heindel
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The Rosiprucian Cosmo-conceptipion is not dogmatic, neither does it appeal to any other authority than the reason of the student. It is: not controversial, but is- sent forth in the, hope- that it may help to clear some of the difficulties which have beset the minds of students of the deeper philosophies in the past. In order to avoid serious misunderstanding, it should be firmly, impressed upon the mind of the student, however, that there is no infallible revelation of this complicated subject, which includes everything under the sun and above it also.

An infallible exposition would predicate omniscience upon the part of the writer, and even the Elder Brothers tell us that they are sometimes at fault in their judgment, so a book which shall say the last word on the World-Mystery is out of the question, and the writer of the present work does not pretend to give aught but the most elementary teachings of the Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucian Brotherhood has the most far-reaching, the most logical conception of the World-Mystery of which the writer has gained any knowledge during the many years he has devoted exclusively to the study of this subject So far as he has been able to investigate, their teachings have been found in accordance with facts as he knows them.

Yet he is convinced that the Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception is far from being the last word on the subject- that as we advance greater vistas of truth will open to us and make clear many things which we now see through a glass, darkly. At the same time he firmly believes that all other philosophies of the future will follow the same main lines, for they appear to be absolutely true.

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